Another Week, Another Attack on Cyclists in the Media.

Alan Davies comes out in our defense.

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Bicycle Tasmania Blog Has Moved!

Hi All, 

The Bicycle Tasmania blog has moved to our new website. Come join the discussion at:

This page will no longer be updated.

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Election Guide on new website

Election Guide on new website

Check out the new Bicycle Tasmania website (at the same address as the old one: ).

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Candidate Survey responses

Who to vote for? We asked all the Tasmanian Federal Election candidates a set of questions to gauge their awareness and commitment to promoting bicycles as a transport option. The answers are here – on our brand new website! The points score doesn’t convey a great deal – get in and read what the candidates actually wrote.


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Cycleway open again, yay!

The cycleway has opened again at Moonah.


It was only shut for a block but I really missed it.

The sheds beside the cycleway have nice new corrugated iron roofs. This morning it looked like they were starting with the wall cladding on the shed closest to the cycleway.

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Dad pedals safety message

Thanks to The Mercury for this post


BLAIR RICHARDS   |   August 18, 2013 12.01am
HOWRAH dad Peter Thurling is instilling a love of cycling in his two girls but admits the idea of them riding on the road one day makes him a little nervous.
The 35-year-old engineer commutes to work every day by bicycle but after a recent run-in with a car he’s increasingly aware of the potential dangers.
Three weeks ago Mr Thurling was knocked from his bike near Rosny College as he was on his way home from work.
“I was turning right, I had indicated and this guy decided to overtake me just as I was turning into Bastick St and he T-boned me,” he said.
Although he escaped with cuts, bruises and a damaged bike, Mr Thurling said he now added 10 minutes on to his commute to avoid the intersection.
“I always told myself if I was ever going to be in an accident on my way home it would be at that intersection. Cars come up there quite quickly,” he said. “I was back on the bike the next day but I’m a lot more nervous now.”
Mr Thurling said the Hobart area had some great bike paths for riders, but none of it was connected and there was nothing to cater for riders into the CBD.
The Tasman Bridge crossing was one of the most dangerous parts of his ride to work. While walkers and riders were courteous for one another, cages set along the walking and cycling lanes on the bridge were sometimes difficult to pass.
Mr Thurling’s oldest daughter Georgia, 5, has just learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
He hopes that one day she will have the confidence to ride to school but for now she keeps to bike paths and playgrounds.

Glad you did the Sunday Tas article Peter. It was great… such a good positive turn on a potentially negative topic. And thanks to Amy and Georgia – they are great ambassadors for bike riding!

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Northgate Encourages Workers to Ride

Northgate shopping Centre in Glenorchy is making it easy for employees to ride to work by providing secure bicycle parking (with CCTV camera and electronic access), lockers and a marked pathway through the carpark to the bike parking cage. The cage is located in a corner that was unusable for car parking and work is nearly complete on the facility. Staff who ride are more productive and not occupying car parking spots that could be used by customers.

Thanks to Cycling South for this post.
It would be nice if Northgate could organise some customer bike parking as well.

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