Launceston needs support for Mulgrave St Bike Lanes

Roger from Tamar Bicycle User Group would like help supporting Launceston City Council’s continued rollout of the urban bicycle network.

We need to send letters/emails to Launceston City Council about the remaining bike network lanes, in particular Mulgrave Street…

  • Mulgrave is critical because it acts as a link to Charles Street bike lanes (Mowbray hill acts as a link to other lanes too but we’ll put that to one side)
  • Bike lanes on Mulgrave will fit well into the streetscape and won’t affect parking
  • Bike lanes will make cycling safer in Mulgrave street by helping to calm the vehicle traffic flow
  • Bike lanes will make cycling safer in Mulgrave street by clearly delineating the traffic lanes
  • Lanes may also help pedestrian crossing of street
  • Cost effective solution for improving the safety people riding bikes

You can see more about the plans at, but this council forum is closed to comment now.

PLEASE send an email to council ASAP (it can be a short one).  Address it “Dear Mayor and Aldermen” at

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