Hobart’s BMX Specialists

Small wheels and park jumps more your thing? Head to the corner of Murray and Warrick Streets for your BMX specialist in Hobart.

Following the lead of Launceston’s High Roller BMX, Hobart now has its first dedicated BMX shop, The Bald Tyre, which is rider-owned and operated by Karlo Deane. After an apprenticeship as a bicycle mechanic in Hamburg, Germany, Deane was inspired to return home and help establish the local scene. (From the Mercury)


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One Response to Hobart’s BMX Specialists

  1. sean says:

    Can you help me with finding out the year of this bmx I have, price to!? Royce union ztx-35.. model # 8425-0 … serial # ws859413229 (not positive about the third number might have been a 8,3,9) thanks sooo much!

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