UTAS Bike Hub Concept Developments

UTAS and LARC have developed a concept design for their Bicycle Hubs project. Would this design suit you?

The Launceston Assistance & research centre have produced an impressive first stage concept design set for their Bicycle Hubs project. The design in skeleton form provides 6 unsecure undercover parking options in the space of one carpark, while in its advanced form provides 8 lockable bike units. Case studies at Melbourne Train Stations have found that individual lockable units are infrequently used and provide a management nightmare due to the freedom for anyone to pop a lock on them. However, this design differs in that it can offer a flexible number of secure and unsecure bike spaces depending on the security of the location. The hanging wall mount would be the popular Bicycle Victoria Ned Kelly design. http://www.bv.com.au/general/bike-parking/40484/

What do you think? Would you use this?


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One Response to UTAS Bike Hub Concept Developments

  1. Dan says:

    Sorry, but these plans don’t make a lot of sense to me – it looks like there are a bunch of different designs here – are they all going to be installed, or is a decision still being made between various versions? For what it’s worth I like the design which hangs 3 bikes at each end of the container best, but am left wondering if the container is open on both the other sides? I’d prefer to see it closed on one of these sides to block out wind (perhaps with glass/perspex in order to still let in light). Also a bench seat and some clothes hooks would make space more convenient to use.
    Looks like a great idea though (love the concept of reclaiming space for bike parking from existing car parks) – just hope you pick the right final design!

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