Candidate Responses to Bicycle Tasmania’s 2011 Local Government Election Survey

Bicycle Tasmania is pleased to announce the responses to the 2011 Tasmanian Local Government Bicycle Facilities Election Survey.

Candidates were invited via email or phone or in person to complete this survey. Our best efforts were made to ensure candidates received the survey. The process involved: A) Obtaining their email address if they were an already elected candidate from council contact details, B) Conducting a google search for any online contact details they may have had, C) Searching for them through Facebook and inviting them using Facebook messaging.

Bicycle Tasmania will publish a summary of responses by Wednesday 12th October, 2011.

If you know of a candidate who has not completed the survey please email their contact details to

1. Please click on the link below your local government area from the list below for candidate responses.

2. Click the PREVIOUS/NEXT option in the top right hand corner to browse through responses.










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3 Responses to Candidate Responses to Bicycle Tasmania’s 2011 Local Government Election Survey

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  2. Dean Charles Parry sounds like a total knob. Surely nobody would be stupid enough to vote for him!

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for doing this, it was very interesting.

    If that halfwit Dean Parry gets in then Secheron rd will become part of my regular rides.

    Actually, regardless of the result I propose Secheron road in Battery Point be a permanent go slow cycle zone. And deserves permanent inclusion on our end of the month rides :)

    Ding ding ding….wave to the Dinosaur folks…

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