Montrose Cycle-way nearer to completion

The completed section of the Montrose Cycle-way next to the Brooker Highway

The new section of Montrose Cycle-way is nearing completion with a high quality link from the Brooker Highway underpass through to the School. There are only a couple of hundred metres of missing sections before this will link with the original Montrose Foreshore Cycleway. This has been an excellent piece of work by Glenorchy City Council who are showing positive initiatives to improve bicycle facililities. Of note are the hand rails leading up to the crossings allowing riders to stay on their bikes as they pause for the crossing. More photos here:

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3 Responses to Montrose Cycle-way nearer to completion

  1. Wow! That’s excellent! Glenorchy Council seem to be far more progressive that Hobart wen it comes to cycling infrastructure.

  2. I should really proof read my posts before sending.

  3. Ken White says:

    In your case Daniel it does not matter you got it rong.
    It’s the thought that counts.

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