Fear for Tasmanian Premiers new bike as Saturday night begins

Thanks to a dedicated reader for this picture from early Saturday evening. It appears that all the bikes donated to Parliament on Thursday 18th January have disappeared leaving only one remaining. Fitting perhaps that it is the bike allocated to Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania. I hope she rescues it before the Saturday night crowds descend on Salamanca and take it for a joy ride. By the look of it, Friday night may have been a tough one! Check out today’s Mercury Newspaper article about their investigation into the gift bicycles’ journey:


The bikes where they were left for the politicians to collect on Thursday

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2 Responses to Fear for Tasmanian Premiers new bike as Saturday night begins

  1. Daniel says:

    Interesting to note Mr Grooms claim of not enough notice being the reason for not attending. I spoke to him as I was leaving, he was watching the goings on from over near the green garden sheds. Some of the media were still there at the time. It was a wasted opportunity for some publicity on his behalf I think, he could have appeared on camera and accepted the bike, there was no need to endorse the plan on the spot. All he had to say was that he would read it.

    Given his alternate transport role I think it is the least he could have done. I’m apolitical but its not a good look, a cynic might conclude that bicycles are a little bit too alternate! Hey anything other than a Gov car/fuel card is alternate right…

  2. Skye Rigby says:

    In referance to the above, I fail to see why every polition has to drive to work, surely if the worker is being told to tighten their belts then so the politions should do also. As for Lara Gidings well I am sure she can afford to walk to work and trim down at the same time. For far to long All politions have had it to easy, instead of telling the public to tighten their belts I think the fat cats in parliment need to tighten their belts and take a few cuts like every one drive to work and have a fuel card, imagine the savings there alone.

    S Rigby
    9/1 Golflinks Road
    Geilston Bay 7015

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